Papua (PFT)

Papua (PFT)

Things to do - general

Papua is a land of contrasts, with some of the most impenetrable jungles in the world and snowcapped mountain peaks towering over glacial lakes. Papua is Indonesia’s largest and eastern most province and covers the western half of the world’s second largest island.

It is a land of exceptional natural grandeur; with beautiful scenic beaches, immense stretches of marshlands, cool grassy meadows and powerful rivers carving gorges through dense forests. The most heavily populated and cultivated parts of the island are the Paniai Lakes district and the Baliem Valley to the east.

The provincial capital of Jayapura is situated on hills which overlook the sea, and is accessible by boat and plane. It was here that General MacArthur assembled his fleet for the invasion of the Philippines during the Second World War.

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Country Indonesia
Area 319.036 km2
Languages spoken Bahasa Indonesia
Currency Rupiah

Sports and nature

Sports and nature There are more than 30 dive sites surrounding the resorts. Most dive sites are between 5 to 15 minutes away and offer world class pristine reef diving. 3 guided boat dives are offered per day plus an additional night/dusk dive (max. 4 dives per day). Max. 6 divers and 2 dive guides per boat. The dives included in the unlimited dive packages are within a 10km radius of the resorts. Due to the close proximity between resorts and dive hot spots, it is Papua Diving’s custom to return to the resorts for the surface intervals. Excursions to further away dive sites are also being organised (additional fuel surcharges apply locally). These are half/full day dive trips and picnics on remote and pristine beaches will be set up. It is important to note that the resorts have a no boat diving policy on Saturdays as this is the day of rest for all staff at both resorts. Boat diving is not offered between 6pm Friday and 6pm Saturday but boat night diving is possible again at 7pm on Saturday. There will be tanks provided to do diving off the resort jetties during that day. The house reef of Papua Diving is one of the richest house reefs in the world and amongst one of the favourite dives for any guest. Cape Kri is Sorido Bay’s house reef and less than 3 minutes by boat from Kri Eco Resort. Here you can experience up to 374 different fish species. ‘Sardines’, ‘Manta Sandy’ (famous manta cleaning station) and ‘Blue Magic’ are only a few of the most popular dive sites visited within minutes from the resorts. The water temperature is 27-30C (80-86F) all year round, air temperature 24-34C (75-93F) and visibility 10-30m (32-100ft) in general. Dive boats Papua Diving operates with 7 custom fibreglass built dive boats that head off for a fresh diving adventure each day. All boats are equipped with Emergency Oxygen, First Aid kit, radio, GPS and flares. Towels, drinking water, fruits, snacks and juices are provided on all dive trips.


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Culture and history

Comprising the western half of the island of New Guinea, the world's largest and highest tropical island, Papua is incredibly diverse and different from the rest of Indonesia (or, for that matter, anywhere else in the world). Despite of a population of under three million, Papua is home to over 250 languages and retains many traditional cultures that were until very recently "still in the Stone Age". Cannibalism and headhunting were practiced in some areas until the 1970s or later.

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